• Streamlines ad production and saves time
    • Offer your clients solid leads
    • A new revenue stream
    • Proof of your ROI
    • Prove your clients’ ROI
    • Own your own mobile app
    • Add a dynamic search to your Facebook
    • Push notifications to potential buyers


    • Solid leads
    • Personalized mobile app
    • Own your own property website
    • Completely customizable
    • Preserve brand identity
    • Proof of your ROI
    • Capture mobile buyers
    • Push notifications to potential buyers
    • Full analytics

    The EZAdsPro Advertising Platform is a complete solution for a fully integrated print, mobile, online and social advertising campaign. Are you interested in starting your own real estate magazine? Or, are you looking to streamline the production of a current one? This platform can help you. Whether you publish a newspaper, are an independent publisher or even a large real estate brokerage, a specialized real estate magazine is a great way to reach clients in a variety of markets. For instance, you can create niche publications for luxury homes or a complete listing of your entire inventory.

    But don’t stop there. With the EZAdsPro Advertising Platform, you can enhance your print piece with customizable mobile, online and social offerings. This allows you to have a cohesive look across multiple platforms to secure your brand identity.

    The EZAdsPro Advertising Platform is virtually risk-free. There are no upfront costs or startup fees, and we don’t make money unless you make money. We provide in-depth consultation and market analysis to confirm that your area can sustain a book. We won’t sell it to you unless we are confident that you can sell and maintain it.

    Our Advertising Platform is the complete package. At a nominal cost, we provide you with a fully integrated print, online, mobile and social system. Or, simply pick and choose which aspects of the platform you need to enhance your current product offerings.

    Own your own branded mobile app. The app allows potential clients to search by price range, location, and more! Furthermore, if clients register and save properties, you’ll receive details on the searches and properties. It allows you to push notifications directly to their phones and let them know if the price has been reduced or if you have a new property that matches their interests.

    EZAdsPro Mobile supplies you with solid, interested leads, so you have the freedom to be choosy about who you’re going to follow up with.

    Our platform allows you to manage everything through one easy-to-use interface. This means you only have to update a listing once, and it will change it across all platforms in real time. If you’re utilizing EZAdsPro Social, you can tweet a new home with the click of a button. With EZAdsPro Connect, you can create a mobile website with one click. It’s all here. No need to go through a variety programs and screens to get your message out there. This saves you time.

    Our solomo (social, local, mobile) solutions allow you to add SMS text codes and QR codes to your listings and extend the reach of your print product. We go beyond your typical mobile and social integrations. We can provide text codes and QR codes that are tied directly to each individual home or property. We can give you a dynamic search portal for a Facebook page and a mobile website. All through one program. On top of that, we’ll provide you with detailed reports and leads, so you can prove your advertiser’s ROI.

    Appeal today’s tech-savvy Realtor® by offering a complete marketing solution. Here are some stats as to why you shouldn’t ignore social, online and mobile.

    • 50% of agents and 47% of brokers spent between $501-$2,000 on technology for their business in a year
    • 35% of REALTORS® are actively using social networking sites, 14% plan to in the future
    • 68% of Realtors® have their own website

    Need further proof? Homebuyers and sellers are embracing digital as well.

    • 88% of homebuyers research houses online
    • 98% of homebuyers use mobile device to shop for a new home*
    • 46% of buyers said mobile search options were “essential”*
    • 85% of non-mobile users said they’d consider using a mobile device in their next home search*

    *Source: Mobile Home Shoppers study from The Real Estate Book, March 2012