• Web-based application with desktop features
    • Full audit trail
    • Bookings manager
    • Deadline manager
    • Low-res PDF downloads with proof stamping and PDF locking
    • Integrates with EZAdsPro Connect and Social to embed SMS and QR Codes
    • PDF Annotation support allows you to embed clickable links into the finished PDF
    • Full metrics and analytics to prove your advertiser’s ROI

    • Desktop application performance with browser based flexibility, supports all major desktop browsers
    • Templates created with InDesign
    • Uses our own PDF engine for speed


    • Data can be imported through our BlackBox technology or added manually
    • Custom stock edit screens
    • Spreadsheet-like interface for quick searches and updates


    • Unlimited images per stock item
    • Simple editor for cropping and enhancement
    • Advanced editor for level and curve adjustment
    • Automated color space conversion and correction
    • Minimum DPI checks for images


    • Multiple text style support in a single text box
    • Copy fitting by horizontal scale, leading, tracking and point size
    • Auto replace and auto fill text based upon logic
    • Auto fill agent information

    Ad makeup

    • Classified or display flow
    • Multiple layouts
    • User created templates
    • Auto approvals
    • Live proofs via email with simplified interface
    • Bookings manager to enforce URN, template and deadline adherence
    • Automated QR code creation, linking to mobile portals
    • Automated SMS code creation, linking to mobile portals