• Create a dynamic search on Facebook
    • Add your complete inventory to Facebook with pictures
    • Ability to post and share listing on Facebook
    • Automatically tweet listings from inside EZAdsPro
    • Send prospects details about specific items
    • Branding opportunities
    • Full analytics on searches
    EZAdsPro Social is your gateway to two of the most popular social media platforms available today, Facebook and Twitter. With Social, you can harness the power of social media and publish your inventory to your friends and followers. With a combined audience of over 800 million users worldwide, how can you afford not to take part in the social media game? This is an unparalleled marketing opportunity that, if embraced correctly, will prove that you are savvy and forward-thinking.

    With EZAdsPro Social, you can create dynamic search portals for any company’s Facebook page. It is easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance. This is fully automated and tied directly into the EZAdsPro Publisher inventory management system, which updates all feeds from any source in real time. By integrating your Facebook page with Social, you can have an effective marketing tool for your entire inventory and give your Facebook friends simple, yet powerful, access.

    However, it doesn’t stop there. Not only is this automatic, we’re also able to capture comprehensive analytics about which properties are viewed and what searches are run. All of this information is available through the built-in Analytics reports.

    EZAdsPro Social also gives advertisers a direct link to their Twitter account, allowing them to keep their followers up to date with the most interesting inventory items. Like the Facebook module, the EZAdsPro Advertising Platform will provide you with detailed analytic reports.