• Web-based application with desktop features
    • Full audit trail
    • Bookings manager
    • Deadline manager
    • Low-res PDF downloads with proof stamping and PDF locking
    • Integrates with EZAdsPro Connect and Social to embed SMS and QR Codes
    • PDF Annotation support allows you to embed clickable links into the finished PDF
    • Metrics and analytics to prove your advertiser’s ROI
    We understand that Analytics are an essential part of any advertising platform. A successful marketing campaign is dependent on careful observation of the advertisement, where it succeeded, where it failed and how much interest it garnered — be it clicks, searches, views or likes. Which is why we offer an integrated Analytics report system with the EZAdsPro Advertising Platform. These reports offer you a way to prove your, or your advertiser’s, ROI.

    EZAdsPro Publisher offers detailed reports on the success of your niche publications. These reports can be viewed onscreen or exported to a PDF for any given date range. Reports can be run on a publication, advertiser or listing level.

    Publisher provides you with metrics on the following:

    • The number of times an inventory item has been published
    • How many times an advertiser has published

    What’s more?

    We work with a third party to provide you with call tracking and relisting, which will give you detailed metrics on substantiated leads.

    Through the use of other EZAdsPro Advertising Platform modules, we can provide you with:

    • The number of times a QR Code is scanned (EZAdsPro Connect)
    • How many times the advertiser or an inventory item was accessed through a mobile search site (EZAdsPro Connect)
    • The number of times an SMS text codes was messaged, and provide the lead’s number (EZAdsPro Connect)
    • With EZAdsPro Social, we can provide you with the number of views on Facebook and mentions on Twitter an inventory item receives
    • Get your personally branded mobile app through EZAdsPro Mobile, and we can show you how many times the app has been opened, which listings were viewed, how many times those listings were viewed, what phone viewed those listings (giving you the ability to push notifications to them) and their geolocation
    • If you use EZAdsPro Portal to create your online presence, we can provide you with full details on what listings were viewed and how many people visited your website