• Automatically create mobile websites
    • Generate SMS text codes for detailed descriptions of any item
    • Seamlessly generate a QR code that links to the mobile website
    • Full analytics to provide proof of effectiveness
    We understand that Analytics are an essential part of any advertising platform. A successful marketing campaign is dependent on careful observation of the advertisements, where it succeeded, where it failed and how much interest it garnered — be it clicks, searches, views or likes. Which is why we offer an integrated Analytics report system with the EZAdsPro Advertising Platform. These reports offer you a way to prove your, or your advertiser’s, ROI. EZAdsPro Analytics reports can be viewed onscreen or exported to a PDF for any given date range. Results can be filtered through different parameters, such as time and hit source, and can be displayed in either a graph or data format.


    QR Codes

    • We track the number of scans a code receives
    • If the code is directed to an EZAdsPro Mobile Search site, our Analytics system will report on:
      • How many times an item was viewed
      • How many times a company (dealership or agent) was clicked on
      • How many times a listing was clicked on

    SMS Text Codes

    • We provide a count for how many texts were sent, to either the advertiser or by listing
    • We also report the contact number of who requested the information